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 Dear All     




Regretfully we will have to close face to face SCAPA sessions for 7 days, as a member of the team has tested positive for Covid and all members of staff are now isolating.

We will therefore have no physical classes on Thursday 17th June, Saturday 19th June and Monday 21st June. We will be back on the Thursday 24th June, Saturday 26th June and Monday 28th June for our final rehearsals for our show ‘2020 VISION’.

We will be sending out links to Zoom sessions shortly for all three sessions outlined above. If you have not received a link 24 hours before the start of the session PLEASE get in touch to let us know. We will make them all available via the SCAPA closed group on facebook too.

This will NOT affect the show! We plan to go ahead with our socially distant performance on the 2nd/ 3rd and 4th July. We will be taking bookings for tickets via email and all seats will be socially distanced according to current guidelines – a separate email regarding this will follow. To hopefully offer you some peace of mind - WE ALL TOOK TESTS AT THE WEEKEND (BEFORE CLASSES) THAT WERE NEGATIVE (AND JO BEFORE CLASS ON MONDAY) BUT AS A PRECAUTION WOULD RECOMMEND ALL STUDENTS DO A HOME TEST AND FOLLOW ALL NHS PROCEDURES AND GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES.

We will see you all very soon.

Kind regards



Our NEW show '2020 Vision' will be on the 2nd/3rd and 4th July.

More details will be coming very soon.



As the former Head of Performing Arts at The College, Jo had the privilege of nurturing the careers of 1000’s of young people - be they budding actors or young people needing a direction.
SCAPA has been developed to encourage and nurture not only the next generation of performer but most importantly, ensure that ALL young people have an opportunity to capture and develop their creative spirit in an environment that recognises their individuality. SCAPA prides itself in being a ‘fun family’ - everything we do aims to increase confidence, self-awareness, skills and communication in a supportive AFFORDABLE way.
Creative arts are slowly disappearing from the curriculum even though it is vital to society and the economy. It is our experience that performing arts can really change the lives of those who partake - in whatever form, and this is why we now dedicate our time to creating experiences for young people- whatever their ability.
Our mission is: 


Jo works with choreographer & actor Carl Christopher, Actor Jack Dunford, Musical Theatre graduate Iszy Bardsley and former Theatre Manager of the Regent Centre, Barrington Theatre (and Jo's husband) Rupert Barrington. She is very well connected in the Creative and Education Industries and has visiting lecturers support classes regularly. Most recently a former Phantom! 

Together they run The Academy.

Affordable, excellent training run exclusively from theatres and dedicated spaces in the area! 

Your Career Starts Now

We are pleased to be continuing our relationship with The College on a Saturday morning. As you know we have a strong relationship with the Performing Arts Dept. for more information about their courses please click here!

Male Singer

Jo is a professional singer, having toured with (among others) The Chuckle Brothers! She has trained with world class teachers using the Vocal Process technique for voice and singers.

Break Dancer in Pink
Actress on a Stage

At The Academy we develop dancing and movement skills around Musical Theatre from Carl, Alex and Jo.


All of our teachers have performed on a variety of stages in a variety of forms. All have acted in their time and are fully trained in order to train young people in this worthwhile medium.



  Past Shows  

Back to the eighties
Back to the eighties

A wonderful 'juke box Musical' about life and love in the 80's.


The older and younger students worked incredibly well together for this classic musical

We Will Rock You
We Will Rock You

Absolute storming musical!

Seven Seas Festival
Seven Seas Festival

The Academy students opened the seven seas festival in Poole in 2017

Seven Seas Festival
Seven Seas Festival

Another image taken from a really fun day

Jellicoe Festival
Jellicoe Festival

We were invited to perform at The Jelliceo Festival in 2017 too

We Will Rock You - Kashogi
We Will Rock You - Kashogi

Adam - who now helps at SCAPA, working the stage (and feather duster)


We cover lots of different dance styles here at The Academy

Jellicoe Theatre
Jellicoe Theatre

the children LOVE working in a real theatre and get a real feel for a professional atmosphere


Tel: 07525 040296